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Workshop Title

Level 101

As you plan confidently for the succession of your practice, learn how to build bench strength by developing an effective  to engage your staff and encourage them to continue a successful career in production.

Immortalizing Your Life Insurance Practice: Business Succession Planning


Part I of II: Led by front-line strategists, this session will explore the international opportunities for life insurance producers.

International Market Opportunities Part I: Agents without Borders


Successfully Selling Life Insurance as a Supplemental Retirement Strategy

Could life insurance be used as a Roth alternative? This session will explore retirement planning using life insurance products in an increasingly diversified marketplace—including chronic illness and LTC riders as well as other tactics,.

What does the future hold for life insurance product sales? With so many market players developing new and innovative solutions, this workshop will help you get ahead of the curve as you develop your business strategy.

 Winning the Next Product War 

Level 201

Hitting the Trifecta: Case Study in the Comprehensive Business Planning

We’ll leave the theories at the door–and lead attendees through the nitty-gritty details of a case study within the business planning marketplace. You’ll walk out of this practical session with concrete insights to immediately apply to your practice.


Life insurance can be an elegant solution to a volatile portfolio. In this session, gain an insider’s perspective of the marriage between AUM and life insurance to give your clients the best outcomes in a changing environment.

Portfolio Stabilization Using Life Insurance


Tax Reform Opportunities: 10 Ideas to Enhance Your Practice